Thursday, March 18, 2010


Dear Friends,

We have been talking in Session how important our words are. They can be used to cause pain and they can be used to heal and bless. I read a theologian (whose name escapes me) that says it is no fluke that Jesus is called the “Word” of God. For God specifically works through words. Think about it. How would we know that Jesus loves us if someone did not tell us, or if we did not read it? I dare say we wouldn’t.

Words have the potential to carry so much grace with them. They enable us to express God’s care across the 3 or 4 feet of air that hangs between you and another. Words give us the power to take that experience of God’s love and give it to another across the internet or through the postal system. And that is miraculous.

It is no small thing when we decide to use our words to thank or encourage or sympathize with someone. It is an almost divine act. A month ago I wrote of the shock of being diagnosed with diabetes. In response I have been flooded by the Holy Spirit with His love through your words. You have said the most encouraging things to me on the phone, over coffee, in the back of the sanctuary, and wherever else you have found me. And that has helped me. It really has. God is healing me and you all are part of the way He is doing that. Thanks you!
Let me share with you some of the words of hope I received. “Both Walter and I have been type 2 diabetics for about 10 years. Take courage! We will pray for you. (Janet and Walter Morritz)” “My prayers and thoughts are with you. Your words are very powerful and moving. Thank you for sharing so much of your life with us. (Sunny Yim)” “We can beat this, Charlie. You can live long, long. Keep the faith! (Karen Yoneda). ” “I think about you and your diabetes and pray for you. I would be devastated if I had it. (Peter Smith)” “So sorry to hear of your diabetes diagnosis. You are a strong person and you can handle this and it will make you stronger. (Carol Grimm)” “I’ve been praying for you all week. Sometimes a diagnosis of diabetes is not as bad as it sounds. I know because of someone I loved for many years. It does not take over your life! You have tremendous prayer support from all of us, as well as our endless appreciation. Love and Prayers, Peggy Howard”

How could a person not feel that God is with them after receiving those words of love? How could a person not know that they are cared for after hearing those words? How could a person not feel good after words like these? It is such a blessing when people choose to join God with their words.

May we each be inspired to encourage each other in our times of weakness!

Sincerely, Pastor Charlie

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